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TianCheng Optics CO., Ltd.

TCOPTICS Prism Types

Custom Your Own Optical Prism

TCOPTICS can design different kinds of prism. And we also make carving for the prism. Our prism can achieve pyramid 1 and Lamda/10. We can provide Zygo reports. Our prism surface quality can be 10-5.and it can achieve customers' military requests.

Custom Your Own Optical Prism
  • Wide Product Range

    Our product range includes almost all common optics, especially customer-specific but also catalog goods can be obtained from us.

  • Professional Advice

    We at TCOPTICS have been offering consulting and sales of customized optical components. We have made it our business to offer our services for all production quantities.

  • High Quality

    We have established our own quality assurance system. This ensures that the defined specifications are met.

  • Reliable Partner

    We also maintain long-term relationships with our manufacturers, which enable us to offer special conditions.

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