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Types of Optical Prism for Sale

TC Optics offers various types of prisms for different optical prism applications. Our prism types include polarizing beamsplitter cube, penta prisms, right angle prism, roof pentaprism, corner cube and more. Theys are made with high-quality prism materials and have precise optical surfaces, ensuring excellent light transmission. With TC Optics prisms, you can expect superior optical performance and easy integration into your optical systems. Explore our prism types today and discover a better way to optimize your prism application.

Optical Prism Application and Working Principle

These types of prism in optics are used in a wide range of applications from cameras and binoculars to scientific instruments and optical surveying equipment. Prisms are designed to change the direction of light, splitting it into different wavelengths and angles. They work by refracting, reflecting, and dispersing light.

Prisms work on the principle of refraction or total internal reflection, depending on their shape and material. For example, a triangular prism consists of two parallel surfaces inclined to each other, which causes light to bend as it enters and exits the prism. This bending causes the light to undergo dispersion, splitting it into different wavelengths and colors.

Another example is a Porro prism used in binoculars. This type of prism reflects light twice, which enables compact binocular designs. It consists of two triangular prisms arranged at 90-degree angles, which causes the image to be oriented correctly when viewed through the binoculars.

Prisms can also be used for applications such as beam splitting, polarization-splitting, and wavelength separation. For example, a polarizing prism is designed to transmit light waves of certain polarization and reflects others. They can be used in applications such as microscopy, polarimetry, and optical communication.

In summary, optical prisms are an essential component of many optical and scientific instruments, and their design and working principle enable a wide range of applications.

Custom Optical Prism for Your Own

TC Optics is a leading custom optic manufacturer specializing in custom optical prism design. With our expertise, we can create a variety of prism shapes tailored to meet each customer's unique needs. Moreover, we can provide prism carving with exceptional surface quality of 10-5 and achieve pyramid 1 and Lamda/10, ensuring the highest precision for your optical needs. Our prisms can also meet military requests, and we can provide Zygo reports to ensure your satisfaction. Trust TC Optics for your custom prism needs.

Custom Optical Prism for Your Own
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    Our product range includes almost all common optics, especially customer-specific but also catalog goods can be obtained from us.

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    We at TCOPTICS have been offering consulting and sales of customized optical components. We have made it our business to offer our services for all production quantities.

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    We have established our own quality assurance system. This ensures that the defined specifications are met.

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    We also maintain long-term relationships with our manufacturers, which enable us to offer special conditions.

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