TianCheng Optics CO., Ltd.
TianCheng Optics CO., Ltd.

TC Optics are the manufacture of optical components. We are dedicated to manufacturing windows, spherical lenses, aspherical lenses, prisms, filters, mirrors. We are founded in 2009 and located in Changchun city where is a very famous base of optics research and development in China. We have 115 employees including 4 optical engineers and 3 mechanical engineers. we have the capability to make the full design, produce the optical components and assemble the completer of the lens in our own factory.

TCOPTICS Development History

TCOPTICS Development History
Set up period, establish factory base.
TCOPTICS Development History
Rising period, establish factory.
TCOPTICS Development History
Development period, combine production and R&D.
TCOPTICS Development History
Create a new era, optimized upgrade.

Honor Certificates of Optical Products

Factory Show of TCOPTICS

  • Optical Product Factory Show
  • Precision Optical Company Show
  • Precision Optics Factory Show
Strict Quality Control of Optical Product

Strict Quality Control of Optical Product

TC Optics are ISO9001 company. Our test instruments include Lambda 900 spectrometer, Zygo, Goniometer. These advanced facilities ensure the big production capacity and high quality for OEM and customized products.
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TianCheng Optics CO., Ltd.
Tian Cheng Optics CO.,Ltd
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    No. 1567 Liu Ying Lu, Kuan Cheng District, Chang Chun, P.R. China

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