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FAQs of TCOPTICS Precision Optical Products

FAQs of TCOPTICS Precision Optical Products
  • What are concave lenses used for?

    A concave lens is used to diverge incident rays. This helps to create a virtual image on the opposite side of the refracting surface.

  • How do telescope lenses work?

    It can collect and focus the light then we can see the objectives easily and clearly.

  • How optical filters are made?

    Optical filter is made by glass.after the coating desginer design the curve.then coating in the oven.

  • Why optical filters are used in microscope?

    An optical filter used in a microscope can make the observe more bright.

  • What is optical filter used for?

    The optical filter is made of glass. After the coating designer design the curve. Then coating in the oven.

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