TianCheng Optics CO., Ltd.
TianCheng Optics CO., Ltd.

Our products are mainly used in the Astronomy area. We provide optical components of microscope and other instruments. For example, one of the most commonly used components is 8 inch concave mirror for telescope.

Optical Products Used in Telescope

Our achromatic lens, triplet lenses are used in smart telescopes. This kind of smart telescope is just USD2000 and it can connect with your phone. It is the best seller in the European market now. It provides you with a new way to observe our beautiful universe. Just relax on your porch or balcony, smart telescopes will be your exploration station, a perfect combination of telescope and camera. The achromatic lens is smart and fully automatic, giving you a revolution in the world of astronomy, and you can observe the sky through your smartphone or tablet. Easily enter the wonders of the universe.

Optical Products Used in Telescope
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TianCheng Optics CO., Ltd.
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