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Types of Optical Lenses for Sale

TC Optics, one of leading optical manufacturing companies, offers a wide range of optical lenses made with high-quality optical lens material. Our selection includes aspherical lenses, infrared lenses, cylinder lenses, spherical lenses, and achromatic lenses, all designed for durable and reliable performance. Explore our range of optical lenses and choose the one that best meets your needs. Trust TC Optics for top-notch optical solutions.

TCOPTICS Optical Lens Design

We have Li Shu (a PHD in Changchun University of Science and Technology) who is very good at designing optical lens uses for TC Optics. We also offer optical lens design and mechanical design services. Additionally, we can produce various optical components china, assemble them, and perform in-house testing to avoid delays in the development of your products. Trust TC Optics for all your optical needs.

Learn How to Select Right Optical Lenses

TCOPTICS Optical Lens Design
  • Top Quality With Competitive Pricing

    TC Optics has a strong engineering group with deep knowledge of optical design and manufacturing processes. Our customers are from a wide range of industries including Laser, biomedical, industrial, consumer and defence. We provide the lowest price for the customer.it makes the customer easy to win in their market.

  • Strict Control For Quality

    TC Optics testing each lens after each processing. and final testing with the testing instrument. Strict control make sure the quality of the lens is good. And a high request for accurate mechanical parts.Good lens and mechnical parts can make good assembly lens.We also can make Zygo testing and MTF testing.It can ensure that the assembly lens can achieve the customer's request.

  • 24 Hours Support From Engineers

    Our engineers are determined to do their work as well as it can be done: in-depth planning, comprehensive scope, proper selection of tools, perseverance, precise execution, good reporting. We will respond to the customer's questions in 24 hours.

  • Professional Design And Manufacturing

    Our engineers support their designs with solid analysis. And they showed an uncanny ability to work smoothly with many different types of customers, whether co-located with them or not.       

  • Fast Prototyping

    TC Optics produce the lens and mechanical parts as our own factory. so we can save much time and make fast production and assembly lens for the customers' prototype. We can provide 4 week delivery time from grinding, polishing and coating. then 1day assemble and 2days for MTF and USAF1951 testing.

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TianCheng Optics CO., Ltd.
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