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Corner Cube

Corner cube is a glass element used for reflection. It reflects the incident light beam at three 90 degree.

a. UV Material

b. High Flatness

c. High Volume

d. Cheap Price

  • corner cube retro reflector
  • corner cube reflector
  • corner cube prism

Specification of Corner Cube


BK7 Grade A Optical Glass

Dimension Tolerance

+0.0, -0.2 mm

Clear Aperture



180°±3 arc Seconds


λ/4 @ 632.8 nm on Big Surface, λ/10 @632.8 nm on Other Surface

Surface Quality

60-40 Scratch And Dig

Wavefront Distortion

λ/2 @ 632.8 nm

Protective Bevel

From 0.2 mm to 0.5 mm x 45°

Cube Corner Prism Capacity


Optical Glass, Fused Silica, Sapphire, ZnSe


1-250 mm

Dimension Tolerance

+0/-0.1 mm

Surface Flatness

λ/10@632.8 nm

Surface Quality


Angular Accuracy

5 Second


Uncoated, AR, HR, Beamsplitter, etc.

BK7 Corner Cube Prism Standard Products

Part No.

Ф (mm)

h (mm)













What Are Some Applications of Corner Cubes?

Corner cubes have several applications in different fields and are commonly used in surveying, laser technology, and fiber optic systems.

In surveying, corner cube mirrors are used for the alignment of instruments and to measure accurately the distance between two points. Surveying instruments, including total stations, theodolites and prisms, use corner cubes to reflect light back to the instrument to determine distance, elevation, and angle measurements.

In laser technology, corner cubes are used for precise beam alignment, to measure distance and detect movement in three-dimensional space. They are also used in interferometers to measure the thickness of materials and in laser communication systems.

In fiber optic systems, corner cubes can be used to redirect optical signals and to maintain signal strength. They can also correct the polarization of light signals, ensuring that the signals are transmitted correctly through fiber-optic cables.

Overall, corner cubes are widely used in different fields of study, from distance measurement and beam alignment to optics and spectroscopy. They are popular due to their high stability, precision, and accuracy in reflecting light beams back towards the source.

TC Optics is a leading optical prism manufacturer that specializes in producing high-quality corner cubes for various applications in different fields. With years of experience and expertise in the industry, we are committed to providing clients with advanced and innovative optical solutions that meet your specific needs and requirements.

The Difference Between a Corner Cube and a Penta Prism

Corner cube and penta prism are two different types of optical prisms that have different structures and applications.

A corner cube is a type of prism made of three mutually perpendicular reflective surfaces, which reflects an incoming beam of light back to the source. It can produce three reflections, one for each surface, maintaining the image's orientation. A corner cube is more precise in reflecting an incoming beam of light back towards the source, making it ideal for laser alignment, surveying, and interferometry.

A pentaprism, on the other hand, is a five-sided prism that consists of two triangular bases and three rectangular faces, with one of the rectangular faces serving as the reflecting surface. It can reflect and deviate an incoming beam of light by an exact 90-degree angle, making it useful in applications such as visual photography, measurement, and alignment of optical systems. Additionally, due to the way light passes through a penta prism, it produces a left-right reversal in the reflected image, which can be useful in certain applications, such as in endoscopy.

In general, corner cube and penta prisms have their unique structures, properties, and applications, with each being better suited for specific tasks. As such, their differences should be taken into consideration when choosing the right prism for a particular optical application.

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